Kerry Lane Subdivision

Project Details

This project included clearing existing land to make way for a new subdivision road. While the site was not the largest it was tricky dealing with the extremely hard granite ledge rock that encompassed the entire area. We first cleared the trees and pulled the stumps and then began the rock removal. We excavated and processed over 5,000 CY of rock and was able to reuse all of it on-site for road base and drainage systems. 500 LF of 8” water main was installed and then three lifts of asphalt was laid down to meet the town spec. This entire project utilized the use of GPS layout and machine control, and nearly eliminated all surveying, which was a great savings to the owner.


David M Construction

Type of Project

Residential Site Development

Scoped Performed

Land Clearing, Road Construction, Mass Excavation, Rock Hammering, Rock Crushing, Mobile Screening, Drainage Systems, Water Main, Asphalt Paving, GPS Layout and Grading


6 Months

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