Rose Hill Cemetery Expansion

Project Details

This cemetery expansion first included adding on five acres of grave site space and 1,250 LF of new road. First, we cleared and grubbed the existing wooded land, in which all of the material was ground on-site to create mulch to be used as a stabilization material for the steep hillsides. Then over 5,000 CY of topsoil was stripped, stockpiled and screened using one of our mobile screeners. Additionally, over 10,000 CY of earth was relocated and 2,500 CY of fill was imported. Also, thousands of feet of drainage was installed. We also hammered and processed 3,000 CY of rock to reuse as a road base. Lastly, using our laser-controlled bulldozer we graded the five acre hillside at a perfect 0% by 24% grade with screened topsoil and then hydroseeded it.


Rose Hill Cemetery

Type of Project

Commercial Site Development

Scoped Performed

Land Clearing, Mass Excavation, Grading, Drainage, Rock Hammering, Rock Crushing, Topsoil Screening, Road Base, Hydroseeding, Laser Controlled Grading


12 Months

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