Our Approach to Safety

Our Goal

“We have goals on our projects that change every day, but the goal that remains the same every single day is to get you home safe and sound to your family.”  Stacey Tompkins

We take very seriously the dangers of our industry and the safety of our employees.

How do we reach our goal?

We start discussing the topic of safety from the first time we meet a potential employee at their interview. When hired, our new employee has to read and sign off on our company safety manual. To then ensure safety is on the forefront of our employee’s minds while on the job site, our field leaders hold daily safety huddles. These huddles are job specific, as each job has different hazards. We also take advantage of our quarterly company meeting to review the topic of safety. By employee participation, we dive into safety topics we have been successfully adhering to and what we need to improve on. This honest discussion allows our employees on and off the job site to be aware, grow, and improve in our safety habits.

We are also aware that safety goes beyond the physical dangers on the job site. We support our employee’s mental health by providing tools to further the success of their life outside of work. Our open door policy gives our employees the support they need to be safe and happy.

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