“After being disappointed by another contracting company we hired to complete some work on our condo property, Tompkins Landscaping not only exceeded our expectations in regards to cost and quality of workmanship, but also surprised us by their willingness to also fix the issues that the other company had left behind. Marc and his team were willing to go that extra mile, even though some of the work was not included in the original bid he had presented. You just can’t find that type of dedication anywhere else!”
Anthony Franich

“The property that Tompkins Landscaping worked on is over 40 years old. They took the time to let me know when aspects of the construction that were not part of their project were not up to code, and even fixed those issues at no additional cost! You just can’t find that type of dedication from other contractors!” Debbie Tessar, Superintendant, Stonegate

“The best part about working with Mark and his team at Tompkins Landscaping, was that they made something that originally seemed so traumatic for me, livable. Although there were large machines around my property, and earth being dug up, the Tompkins team kept the mess contained so I was still able to enjoy my house and property with my family, even while the work was in progress! And the workers came early and stayed late to get the job done sooner. I couldn’t have asked for more!” Jodi Sepa

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